This facility is a BLS-2 registered facility. As such, there are certain safety requirements that must be met. 

Users must be registered with the facility manager, so that they can be added to the EHS user log that the facility maintains. This user log tracks whether the users are in compliance for safety training. Users who have incomplete or lapsed training will not be allowed to use the facility until their training is complete and up-to-date. To register, simply email a request to the facility manager with the prospective user's name and OSU ID number. The facility manager will email back with the links for required training. Once EHS has populated the EHS user log with the user's info, the user has completed the required training, and the manager has verified their training, access to the reservation calendar will be granted and the user will be permitted to work in the space.

These are the minimum required trainings to be granted space usage:

Bloodborne Pathogens, offered through EHS, yearly requirement (Schedule here)

Laboratory and Chemical Safety, through Bridge (Main training page here)

  • OSU Laboratory Safety Training Program (every three years required)
  • Biosafety Cabinets (one-time training)
  • Compressed Gas Safety (one-time training)
  • Eyewash and Safety Showers (one-time training)
  • Liquid Nitrogen Safety (one-time training) (if you intend to store cells in our dewars)