The critical and unique feature is that the xCELLigence System detects cell responses throughout an experiment, enabling discovery not possible with endpoint assays.  The xCelligence System provides improved, real-time, label free and non-invasive analyses of key cellular events with an impedance based cell sensing measurement system. The System consists of an analyzer that can fit on one half of one shelf of a standard cell culture incubator.  The analyzer has slots for three specialized plates containing 16 wells each.  Therefore, up to 48 conditions or treatments can be monitored at one time.  Applications include: Cell invasion and migration assays, Compound- and cell-mediated cytotoxicity, Cell adhesion and cell spreading, Cell proliferation and cell differentiation, Receptor-mediated signaling, Virus-mediated cytopathogenicity.

xCELLigence Information Sheets


xCELLigence User Manual
xCELLigence Software Manual
Cell Adhesion and Spreading
Cell Migration Inhibition by Gene Silencing
Cell Migration Monitoring Growth Factor Mediated Endothelial Cell Migration
Compound Mediated Cytotoxicity Using xCELLigence to Optimize Endpoint Viability and Cytotoxicity Assays
Culture and Monitoring of Animal Cells - Basic Techniques
E-Plate Coating Protocol
Monitoring Cell Proliferation and Viability for Adherent Cells
Neurotoxicity Real Time Detection of Neuronal Cell Death by Impedance-Based Analysis
Receptor Activity Functional Cell Profiling of Endogenous GPCRs
Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Activation in Living Cells
RTCA DP Consumables Specifications Sheet
RTCA DP Specification Sheet